Your chance to win even more ADA every epoch.

Your traditional rewards plus minimum guarantee 100 ADA per epoch with blocks.

The bigger the total pool stake, the bigger the prize!

100 ADA + 3% of Pool Rewards = Slottery Prize

Pool Stake Size


695.71k ₳
111 ₳
2 Million ₳
4 Million ₳
8 Million ₳
16 Million ₳
32 Million ₳
64 Million ₳
132 ₳
174 ₳
258 ₳
426 ₳
762 ₳
1.434 ₳

Approximate simulations based on stake size for k=500.

Slottery is a unique Cardano Stake Pool.

Turbocharge your rewards

You can win 3% of all pool rewards every epoch with a block, drawn in our lottery.

Win Slottery Ticket Tokens

Win our tokens at the end of each epoch by keeping your ADA staked with us.

Always win

You always win rewards proportional to your stake size (like every Cardano Stake Pool).

Your big chance to win more rewards.

Slottery Stake Pool

Fixed Cost
Pool Margin
Lifetime Blocks
25.0K ₳
340 ₳

*3% for Rewards + 1.9% for pool maintance.

3% of the pool rewards to the lottery winner.

Each ADA staked with us equals 1 million lottery tickets, the bigger your stake is, the bigger your chances.

The lottery draw is safe, truly random, provably fair and auditable. All delegators have a chance to win.

The winning ticket is defined by three factors that we have no way to predict or control: the total active stake of the pool at the moment of the draw, that is defined by the Cardano network and the sum of delegators active stake at the day of the draw, and the first block hash id of the next epoch, that are all unknown until it’s generated. The pool pledge and the base Daedalus address is not added to the calculation.

As we cherish total transparency, the metadata is embedded on each prize payment transaction.

All you gotta do is to stake and stay with us, and you’re already participating!

Every winner will also be posted on our Twitter account.

3% of pool rewards goes to the winner!

The minimum ADA prize is guaranteed to be at least 100 ADA per epoch with a generated block, plus 3% of the total rewards received by the pool.

The prize payment is done as soon the pool receives the epoch rewards, which is n + 2. All information will also be posted on Twitter, including the transaction id of the payments to our winning delegator.

Latest Lucky Slottery Winners

111 ₳
121 ₳
111 ₳
100 ₳

How it works

Slottery Lotto Cycle

Cardano Stake Reward Cycle

Slottery Ticket Token

For each active epoch delegating, delegators will receive an airdrop of 1.000 Slottery Ticket tokens, distributed proportionally to your stake size, in percentage eg.: If your stake represents 15% of the total active stake, you’ll get 150 tokens.

The payout is cumulative and paid every 6 epochs in bulk to all delegators. The tokens have been minted on epoch 270 and you can check them here.

A total of 7,777,777 tokens minted, and no more tokens can be minted! They will be eventually very scarce, so don’t wait to delegate!

They will be used to the upcoming Alonzo era

Frequently Asked Questions


Open your wallet (Daedalus or Yoroi), go to the Delegation Center, search us out under the ticker SLOTS (or by pool IDs pool1tnfd2sdstmjehxw0fd3x9wc07975x60su4xpv9jnhsam2cf64np / 5cd2d541b05ee59b99cf4b6262bb0ff17d4369f0e54c161653bc3bb5) and click “delegate”.

The return rate will vary depending on the pool you are in but in general most pools will average out between 5% – 6% APY over the year. With some smaller pools they might not get rewards in every epoch but when they do they generally get bigger rewards, while bigger pools will get consistent but smaller rewards every epoch.

If you delegated for the first time, it will take 15 – 20 days to get your first rewards.

Your rewards will be paid to your wallet after each epoch (5 days) automatically. This is part of the Cardano protocol, and not something we have any influence over. All rewards will be transferred to your real account on mainnet.

For each epoch, as a result of the lottery and the active stake, the pool receives a certain number of blocks for production. This number of blocks in different epoch can vary greatly.

No, your funds are safe as your ₳ stays in your wallet. You keep full control while they are staked and you can send / withdraw them at any time (no locking).

There’s the 340 fixed fee, which 100 ADA is always used for the base of the rewards, and the variable fee is 4.9%. 3% goes to the lottery and 1.9% are used to maintain and grow our staking infrastructure in order to make it extremely resilient and available.


Every epoch that receives a reward, there’s a draw that uses the first block hash as seed. Your chances are related to your stake size. If the pool got 100.000 ADA staked, and your stake size is 90.000, you get a 90% chance of winning.

Stake your ADA to Slottery Pool, and that’s it!

You can use the interface to check the draws by yourself, by providing your stake size and a block hash.

The exact amount will be known at the start of the epoch that the rewards get paid, usually current epoch + 2. If rewards were generated on epoch 270, the amount paid will be known on epoch 272.

There’s always a winner in every draw, with a prize of at least 100 ADA, regardless of your stake size. Even with 10 ADA you have a chance to win.

You don’t need to do anything, you’ll get your prize sent directly into one of your addresses related to your stake address.

It’s guaranteed and every time there’s a reward payment, it will be disclosed in our website and official channels containing the transaction id and the exact time it was paid.

The draws happen after the rewards were paid by the Cardano network, on our rewards address on stake1uynp8vj4pna9eerlxaxjgk0c6cmqc8037r99909ht38vehq6untly

You can check directly on our website, just select the epoch you’re looking for.

Right after the draw and the payment is done. Since it’s a semi-automated process (until we have smart contracts!), it’s going to be announced by our official channels.